Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our First Day of School! {sorta}

Of course I have all these lesson plans laid out and I would get called away from home to work this week! But I have been able to try some "mini" lessons in the evening which has been good because Erin needs to be eased into a new "teacher" - Erin relationship. So for our first lesson we did Math. Sorting is a early skill to learn in math. With little ones you can start with colors, shapes, sizes, ect.  Using an egg container {recycle and reuse!}we numbered each hole 1-12 and then I gave her a bunch of skittles and told her to put as many skittles in each hole as the number said. I figured I would have to help her out a lot but she did most of it all by herself! When she got to the higher numbers sometimes she would have to start counting over again to remember what came next. I also introduced a bit of addition and subtraction. For example when she would be on number 10 and she would have only put 7 skittles in I would say "uh oh! What number does that say? (10!) So we need 10 skittles and we only have 7. How many more from 7 is 10?" Then we would count the 3 fingers on my hand "We need 3 more than 7 skittles to get 10 skittles" and she would count out the rest. I was VERY impressed! Don't worry if your 3 year old can't sort to 12 yet, Erin is pretty smart for her age. Not trying to toot her horn (ok, maybe a little!) I just don't want anyone getting discouraged if their 3 year old can't. Remember, we are working on Kindergarten skills. Here are some pictures of our lesson!

Sorting Skittles                                        

She would get so excited when I told her she did it right!

She did it!! As a reward I let her eat some of her counters. Hey, it's only fair!!

She seemed to really enjoy learning in "Mommy's School" and keeps asking me when I am going to play teacher again. I have a fun lesson planned for tomorrow for ABCs. Can't wait to share it with you!

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