Monday, June 6, 2011

Feeling kinda guilty!

So I realize it has been almost a month (yikes!!) since I have posted anything new!! I feel so awful we have been so busy getting ready for all of our summer fun that I have been neglecting my duty to our readers!! (slap on the wrist!) But we have been doing a lot of fun activities and have had so much going on. Our little baby Elleri who will be 1 in July has started walking and just is getting into everything. She is so eager to learn and wants so much to participate in Erin's lessons. Unfortunately she mostly just wants to EAT Erin's lessons. Everything goes in the mouth at this age! We are so excited this summer to have an additional student with us! We will have Mikey, who is 6 and going into the first grade next year joining us for a couple months. It will be so fun to get a little boy's opinion on our lesson! So I PROMISE that later this week I will be posting all about our fun days! Thank you for being patient and understanding of this busy mommy's life! :)

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