Thursday, June 9, 2011

Someone Please Show Me the Way!!

My 3 year old Erin and I have been having so much fun easing our way into homeschooling but with me wanting to REALLY start her with Kindergarten this fall I must admit I am feeling at a loss. I have no idea what I am doing half (ok most!) of the time! Its sad to say that until very recently I had no idea that there were even different types of homeschooling. I don't really know which is the best for us and it seems everyday I am finding new ways of doing things. I wish I knew of some great curriculum I could just pick up and follow along with. Let me tell you what I am looking for and then maybe some of you more seasoned Moms can head me in the right direction. Me? I went to public school. Loved it, was a social butterfly. Retained little to nothing of my academia and left home to go out on my own feeling totally unprepared to face the real world.  I want my kids to have a complete education. Not just the 3 Rs but I want them to be well rounded individuals. I want to teach in a very "hands-on" manner taking lots of field trips so they can totally immerse themselves in the subjects. I want to take them to Europe and all across the US. I want them to visit the elderly and learn respect of days gone by. I want them to learn a trade, how to cook, how to clean, and how to balance a checkbook before they head off to college. I want them to have many extra curricular activities: music, sports, art, girlscouts, ect. ect. I have no idea if this explains my method of teaching/learning. I just know I don't want my kids staring at a textbook all day I want them up and active. But I also want them to score high on their SATs one day so they can get into a good college if that's the road they choose to take. So help if you can!! I'll appreciate it!! Thanks!


  1. Hi! I started looking at homeschooling when mine was 2, so I've been where you are! (She's 10 now, btw. ;-))

    The first thought I had was that 3 is young to start, but only you know your kid. I started my first two that young, and I lived to regret it. I wanted to wait until #3 was at least 5 before starting anything formal with him, because the first two had started off so badly, and he kind of forced me teach him to read when he was a couple of months shy of 4. :P I know it sounds like a gimme, but get to know your child first, and assess whether they really *need* school, or whether they'll be OK holding off a couple of more years.

    If you decide she really does need something, you can see what I'm doing with my PreK this year on my blog ( With my older two, for K, I used My Father's World, and it really worked out wonderfully. I'm not using it now, just because I couldn't handle 2 complete unit studies going on at the same time, but it's a really great curriculum.

    Hope this helps you out some! I'm returning your follow, thanks for popping by my blog! :)

  2. Take a look at Five in A Row, you guys will have so much fun and she won't even realise its school - so you won't stress out :)
    Happy to chat with you anytime!


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