Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Fun Gift From Grandma

Erin is absolutely in love with animals. She tells me almost every day that she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up (which is fine by me - free vet services!!). So my mom has been secretly collecting the Wildlife Explorer cards. She just gave us this set the other day and Erin is just loving it!! I am so surprised at how much time she has spent looking at all the cards the last week and especially impressed at how many of the animals she can name from sight! I know I talk about animals a lot working at a vet but I don't think I can take all the credit. Maybe Diego and Erin have been rubbing off on each other! Although we didn't actually pay for the books I checked into it and it is really an inexpensive way to have an animal encyclopedia in your home! You just pay a about $8 and they send you new cards every month in the mail. There are even some species in there that I had no idea even existed. Do any of you have these? I just think they are so cool! (If you couldn't tell!)

Our Animal Encyclopedias

All the different species included

A look at Zebras

more Zebra info

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