Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Erin had her first gymnastics class yesterday and she LOVED it! She met a lot of new friends in her class and I think the atmosphere was much more to her liking than the failed ballet lessons last year. She has 2 hour long classes each week so hopefully she can get some energy out. It has been so tough with the extreme heat here this summer to get out and do much of anything! I am REALLY looking forward to putting Elleri in the 18 month Mommy and Me class in a few months. That girl could def use an energy release!


  1. Hey! Hadn't stopped by in a while wanted to stop in. I want to put Z in class, but it's only mommy and me until 3, and with the baby, I can't do that :( But I know he will love it. It'll tide him over till he is old enough for karate (has to be 4) with C.

  2. I’m entering the Apple IPod giveaway and thought I'd say hi. I have just restarted up my book blog: Family Literacy & You at: http://familyliteracy2@gmail.com

    You have a really cute blog. Gymnastics is a fun class for your daughter - she won't be the only girl in the class that can't do a cartwheel - isn't that wonderful? LOL

    I’m following you and would love to have you visit when you have a chance. My blog is rather slim right now as I’m slowly moving everything over from the old blog (had a hacker – and just moved everything instead of trying to figure out how to fix it).

    Anyway, great blog! Tina "The book Lady"


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