Friday, March 25, 2011

First Learning Tools

 SO I have been searching the web for some good online training courses. As you know, my oldest is only 3 so I am trying to avoid some of the costly programs that are out there until they become absolutely necessary. These are a couple I have come across that I am using to put together lesson plans for your first week of "school" next week! -- This site is absolutely amazing!! Maybe there are others out there like it, and I am sure there are, but I love the way this site lays lessons out step by step according to age and gives you links to activities and print outs. And the best part about it??? It's absolutely FREE!! Of course, I have found that some of the links they send you to may require you to sign up on their websites and have fees, but for the most part it is cost effective and gives you some really great ideas! - this site is comparable to many others likes and such. It gives you activity ideas and lets you know what your child should be learning and doing for their age group. It differs from a lot of the other sites that I have seen in that it goes all the way up to age 18 whereas some of the others kinds trail off after pre-school.  This site also has tons of free printables for your lessons. YAY to free!

I also purchased this workbook for Erin to start using for her learning. They make them for different ages all the way up through middle school. It is a nice place for us to start and it will give me a better idea of where she is personally in her abilities. It was about $13 and I just picked it up at a little learning store by my house but they also have a website with TONS of great materials you can order.

Well, it is Friday now and I have my lesson plans set up for next week! I am so excited to start our journey! There are so many great educational tools out there and the internet is an endless source. We are going to enjoy our weekend together and Monday, its starting the grind! Erin says she is excited to go to "Mommy's School" - we shall see how she feels once we start!

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  1. Go to this wikki to check out some additional sites that are great. It is put together by the educational technology specialist at Education Service Center, Region 20 in San Antonio, Texas.


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