Sunday, April 24, 2011

Geography - United States

Its never to early to start having your kids learn about their surroundings and how to read a map! One thing I was always ragged on about when living abroad was how Americans don't know where most states are on a map.  I tried to argue that there were 50 of them and most the Europeans only had to learn their one country but they would promptly show me up by naming them all. Sigh. So we found this really cute kid friendly map of the US and hung it on our wall!
I love this map because it is so colorful and fun. It lists all the states and their capitals but in addition has all these cute little graphics to symbolize things that those states are known for. It also comes with a set of stickers that say things like "I live here!", "My Grandparents live here!", and "I want to visit here!". Erin had so much fun putting the the stickers on and maybe now she can start to realize just how far away some of her relatives are and why we can't see them everyday!
We live in San Antonio and Gran and Poppi live in Dallas!
Places we want to visit - Disney World and Savannah, GA (Erin put the stickers on so they are not to scale tee hee)
When she gets a little older we will start to learn all the capitals (and hopefully visit them!) If you would like to get a fun map like this, we found ours here:

Have fun placing all the stickers on and choosing all the places you would love to go as a family! (And maybe a few secret getaways for mom and dad!! ;) )

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