Monday, May 2, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week!

This week is teacher appreciation week so I will be posting some fun little things you and your children can make together for their teachers! I saw these little oreo apples on a blog I frequent and we just had to make them for the teachers at Erin's daycare!

Supplies for mini Oreo pops:
* Mini Oreos: I found these canisters in the Target Dollar Spot!!!
* Red candy melts: I used Wilton brand that can be found at many craft stores in the candy making section
* Airheads: Watermelon flavored (for the green color) as the mini leaves
* Pretzel sticks: for the mini stems
* toothpicks
First off I took a toothpick and gently stuck it into the middle (cream) part of the mini Oreo. This is to help with dipping the cookie into the candy melts.
You melt the candy melts according to the directions on the bag. It only takes a little bit of time in the microwave and you're good to go. Gently dip the cookie into the melted candy until covered completely.
Carefully tap the toothpick on the side of the bowl to let the excess candy drip off of the cookie.
Then I like to stick the dipped cookies into a piece of styrofoam to let them dry completely. Don't worry about messy toothpicks or extra drips, you'll be removing the toothpicks later on. :)
While the candy is still wet, break the pretzel sticks into small pieces (roughly 1/2 inch pieces) and stick into the top of the dipped Oreo.
To create the little leaves I simply used scissors to cut the Airheads into small pieces (example: bottom 2 pieces in above photo) , then I sort of pinched and rounded the sides with my fingers to make them into more of a leaf shape, like the 2 top pieces in the photo. I used a dab of melted candy to stick the leaves on the tops of the "apples" right next to the pretzel stem. Let everything dry completely. It takes less than 30 minutes to dry, or you can put them in the fridge to speed up the process.
Once dry I removed the messy toothpicks. Note: If you can keep the toothpicks clean you could leave them in and display them in a clean piece of styrofoam inside a cute container if you want as well.
These pops don't have to be perfect---to me when they look "rustic" and handmade it gives them character!!! I think these mini apples are almost too cute to eat! :)
You can arrange these mini Oreo apple pops in different ways.
Place them in pretty dishes with ribbons. . .
or little tins . . .
I may have snuck in a bite or two, just to make sure they tasted okay. :)
However you decide to package them up, I'm sure the teachers in your life (and the lives of your children!) will appreciate this darling mini treat, and it is easy on your wallet and pretty easy on your time too. :)

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