Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Celebrating Flag Day

We love to celebrate patriotic holidays in our house! After living overseas for a few years I grew to really appreciate my country and all that it has to offer!  My whole life I had never cried during the National Anthem until I was living in England watching the Olympics on tv. I had so much pride for my country after seeing how other people across the world live everyday. 

So for flag day we wanted to do something fun! After our lesson about Betsy Ross and the original flag and it's meanings, we made our own felt flags.  Of course, first we had to try on the red, white, and blue tiaras at the craft store!

Miss Thang

Not too sure what to think, just glad she left in on long enough for the photo!!

Here are the kids making their flags:

Managed to tear him away from his legos sticker book!!

Insistent that she could squeeze out her own glue. (she couldn't - I barely could)

Erin wanted to put it on a chopstick so she could wave it around. We tried, it never stayed on very long. Perhaps my engineering skills could use some work! Then to beat the heat we went to Sea World for a few hrs to splash around.

What did everyone else to do celebrate the holiday?

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  1. They are precious kiddos!! And I always have my toddler try on the holiday hats at stores- and take pictures too!! I seriously have so many. And passerbys look at me

    I am visiting back from Mom Loop Friday Follow! Sorry I'm late from last week- but I made it before tommorows follow at least!

    I'm also your newest follower:)


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