Monday, June 27, 2011

Classroom Calendar

I am so excited that we finally have our daily calendar station up in our classroom for this fall! I have been looking for one that I thought was age appropriate for my girls and also would have sturdy enough pieces to make it through the inquisitive hands of a toddler (and any other babies that may eventually bless our home).  I took a trip to the Lakeshore store this past Saturday to look for some pieces for our dinosaur unit study this week (more on that to come!!) and there this one was hanging on the wall, beckoning me to buy it. SO....I did! Its great, it has all the days of the week lined up on one side (for when we sing the "Days of the Week" song) and in the middle the "yesterday was", "today is", and "tomorrow will be" slots. At the top it has the date and special events (today is Papa's birthday! They are celebrating without us in Hawaii, Lucky them!!) There is a section for weather and the season's and finally a neat little section called "Pick a Question" which is a question of the day to get their little minds working so early in the morning! I even had Erin think of some extra questions we could trow in the mix. We have been using it since Saturday morning and Erin loves that it is down at her height so she can be in charge of changing out all the daily info. Of course, Elleri also likes that it is down at her level so she can try to pull it off the wall. Haven't remedied that problem yet. All in all I think it was a great purchase that will be an integral part of our class!!

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