Thursday, June 23, 2011

I finally did it!! Capri Sun Bag

It seems like every time we go to Sea World someone is donning a Capri Sun bag in the water park.  I always think, thats so cute, creative, resourceful, and I tell myself I am going to try to make one. I never do. Until now!! My husband so kindly started collecting my kids' empty wrappers for me and as a surprise he handed them to me saying, "Make your wildest dreams come true!" haha. I don't know how wild the idea is but it certainly is a good use for those bags that could otherwise be thrown away and they are pretty insulated too! DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a seamstress!! I just sew for fun for my family. Please don't judge my seams too harshly! :)

Start with 19 washed and dried Capri Sun bags

Start by sewing two bags front to front lengthwise

sew a third bag front to front lengthwise to one end so that you have 3 in a row. You will make 4 of these 1X3 rows.

sew two of the 1X3 rows right sides together. Remember to turn the top upside down so that they are right side up when you open the rows. Repeat with other side.

make sides by sewing two bags right sides together remembering again to place top upside down so when you open it is right side up. Repeat for other side. 

Create bottom by sewing 3 bags together end to end, right sides together as you have done in previous steps.

Now you have made all your pieces, time to assemble your bag!! (And this is where my shoddy sewing skills become really apparent!)

I sewed down the tops of the bag so that there would be a clean hem line.

Attach handles. I used an "X" pattern and went over a few times for extra strength.

sew sides and front/back to bottom. 

I noticed that when I was attaching the bottom and sides to the back/front that my bottom/side were longer than they needed to be so I just cut off the excess when I was hemming the top of the bag's hem line. Also, for me I had trouble with my sewing machine in this part getting through all the tough metal layers. (I was using a denim needle) As I have said I am not a professional seamstress so there may very well be a needle out there for these kinds of materials. If you know of one, you should use it and save yourself having to go over the stitches a few times!!

Who's gonna be jealous at Sea World now!! Haha, I was thinking of trying to make a little lunch sak out of the left over bags but I am thinking I need to investigate different needles first to save myself the headache!! I would love to see how other people bags and different patterns turn out. I know I am not the first to try and make one, but I did it all by my lonesome with no pattern so for me, this is quite the accomplishment!! :)

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  1. My niece made a purse with Capri Sun bags when she was in high school. I always thought it was cool, but never gave it a try. Your bag is fun! I am NOT a sewer, but I might have to give it a try some time when we get enough pouches saved up!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog from the Mom Loop!


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