Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dino Bowling!

Learning about dinosaurs this week has been such a hit! I knew that our "exchange student" Mikey would enjoy it because well, he's a little boy.  I thought Erin might be a little scared but she has been LOVING it! She can name 7 different types of dinosaurs (t-rex, stegosaurus, triceratops, brachiosaurus, velociraptor, to name a few) and she even knows which ones are meat eaters and plant eaters! I had to laugh today at lunch when she was eating her chicken - she chomped down all dramatically and said " I am a CARNIVOR!!! GRRRR!!"  Kinda disturbing but cute none the less!

Don't let her fool you - she loved it!
We are lucky enough that we have a great museum here in town (Witte Museum) and they just happen to have a dinosaur exibit at the moment.  And they have free admission on Tuesday afternoons!! Yay for us! So of course we went to check it out. Erin was a little scared at first but then she thought it was pretty cool. And yes, this is a photo of me pretending to feed my daughter to a dinosaur - don't judge!! :)

Dino Bowling Pins!!
Then once we got home I had found this adorable dinosaur bowling set at Lakeshore. It is all soft pieces so I don't have to worry about anyone throwing balls and knocking a sister out! Elleri thought they were pretty tasty. (poor thing has a whopping 4 teeth coming in right now!) All in all it was a fun day!!

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