Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday (1)

Picture day drama. Oh, you know what I am taking about. That age where your kids just don't want to sit still, smile, or insist on crying the whole time you are at the photographers!! Yes, that was us today.  I took the girls in the afternoon to play at the park in the mall and while we were there I decided, wouldn't it be fun to take their pictures!?! There is a Picture People in the mall, and oh, I have a free coupon for 2 8X10 pictures. Elleri's first birthday is next week and it would be nice to have a professional 1 yr picture done (not that picture people do anything that a normal person couldn't do with a fancy camera). So we went in, totally unprepared. Luckily, I have an obsession with my girls wearing matching clothes so that was a plus. And they looked nice and summery so I just took their shoes off. But I wanted Elleri to look cute and wear something pink and frilly for her 1 yr baby picture. Oh! The Children's Place is right next door and they are having a huge sale! They didn't have exactly what I was looking for in a price range I was willing to spend on a last minute item but I did get the outfit below for $7!!

 I must say, that as she has gotten older, Erin has become more and more like me personality wise. She loves the spotlight, she loves to entertain. She is a super poser. So as Erin is sitting there stinking every pose (and a few of her own) that the photographer requests of her, Elleri is trying to eat the curtains, the stairs, the fake flowers, her sister (as I said earlier this week she has 4 teeth coming in right now so everything is in the mouth).  She would not hold still. She would not lay down.  She certainly would not sit next to her sister. She wanted to be up and running and Heaven forbid that you tried to set the girl down, she would scream a blood curdling scream then as soon as you let her go she was all back to smiles (and trying to eat your shoes).  And of course since we went last minute I had no props, no great toys to keep her occupied. I was grasping at strings by throwing down some goldfish I had packed on the carpet to keep her occupied. I have to say though that nothing was more entertaining than the mom with 3 kids in the booth next to us threatening to "give her kids a whoopin'" if they didn't smile and look happy (and then getting even more angry when this made her kids cry. Big shocker!!)

All in all, it was a disaster.  I can't say that I am in love with any of the shots that they took but then again it is my fault for not planning and being prepared. And after all, the pictures were free to me so I shouldn't complain too much, right. So - note to self (and to all you parents out there who I am sure don't need the advice because you would never be foolish enough to make the same mistake) schedule your photography sessions well in advance, after naptime, on full stomachs, with plenty of fun distractions. Save yourself (and your photographer) the headache! Without further adeu - our photos -

This is Elleri's "I'm really excited!!" face. She makes it a lot!

Pretty cute! Best shot we could get while trying to capture a moving target!!

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  1. I'd say they are pretty cute for unprepared pics! My hardest were when mine turned 2 - my daughter had a terrible fear of men, and the photography wound up being a guy. She clung to me and they took her picture over my shoulder, trying to cut out my head. LOL.
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