Monday, June 20, 2011

Fleck and Flame

As a reward for Erin for following all her chores so well for the past few weeks we decided to finally give in and get her the fish she has been asking for.  I figured it would also go along well with our summer learning theme "ocean".  Of course when we got to the pet store Erin also wanted about 5 dogs and two bunnies.  Yes, the puppies were very cute. They even had a little boxer puppy but I am not for buying puppies at a pet store. Not only are they over priced and usually sick with at least one illness but in my heart I feel like they support puppy mills....but this is all another issue that I can go on and on for hours about! Plus, we already currently have 3 dogs all over 60 lbs and I think if I brought home another one I would be raising 4 dogs and 2 kids as a singe Mommy!!

So we looked at a bunch of fish. Erin really wanted a crab. Then she wanted an angel fish. "But you said I could pick the fish, I want that fish!!"  Yes, it was a nice looking fish but knowing that she is only 3 and thinking back to how many fish I killed as a child, I figured a goldfish was a safer bet.  They have so many different pretty colored goldfish. Erin just wanted the plain gold one.  I didn't want the fish to be lonely, so we got two. They are both fantail goldfish, one is speckled like a calico cat and the other is just gold. Though I have to admit, it is a very vibrant orange color. And of course, of all the tanks she had to have to one that is decorated like Dora. Good thing I get a discount! Sheesh!

So we got them home, got them used to the water and then let them out of their bags. Erin had fun decorating the tank and feeding them their first meal.  I said, what should we name them? "Fleck" for the spotted and "Flame" for the gold. Ok, good enough for me!



Now to just keep them alive.......

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  1. how fun, fish are nice, uncomplicated pets! I agree with you about buying puppies at pet stores, it makes me really sad when I see them at pet stores- they look so lonely. I think puppies should stay with mom & siblings till they find a home...

    love the fish!


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