Thursday, June 30, 2011

Headsprout Success

I just had to rave a bit more about our success with Headsprout! Last week Erin got her lesson kit in the mail (which she loved because it was addressed to her). It came with a progress chart and included stickers to mark which lessons she has completed.

Progress Chart - Level 14!!
And little practice reader books that she can read at the end of each level. She is so funny though because she BEGS me to let her play the "learning to read" games on the computer but when I stick the tangible book in front of her she always fights at first. "I don't know how to read a book!!" I say, "You just read it silly! It's the same thing you just read on my computer but you can take this one with you to practice" "Oh......." :)

A book before bed

And the online lessons are so fun and interactive. I have been so surprised at how quickly she has picked everything up. She has gone from not even attempting to sound out words to walking up to signs in public and sounding them out until she gets it correctly. This really is a confidence building program.

learning to sound out SAND
I really can not recommend this program enough. We have only tried the early reading curriculum but it has outstanding outcomes.  We even had a little friend of Erin's come over the other night who is a bit younger than Erin and he seemed to enjoy playing the "game" as well. It is not very expensive in comparison to some other programs and they even let you make monthly payments. Headsprout - it's worth a look!! :)


  1. That chart looks very fun and motivating! (I'm here from Mom Loop Friday Comment Follow.) I'm glad to find your blog!

  2. I've heard Headsprout is good. I write a blog called Beginning Reading Help. You will find information and links to free stuff on my blog to support beginning readers. I'm visiting from Mom Loop.


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