Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sand and Seashells

So, we have really been wanting to take the kids to the beach this summer but with Daddy's and my work schedule it just hasn't happened. So what's a Mommy to do when your three year old keeps begging for some sun and sand??? You bring the sun and sand to her!! Getting the sun here in San Antonio really was not much of a challenge so we set up a tarp with some pools and a bunch of sand and I buried some sea shells for Erin to hunt and inspect.  She has been really into searching for clues recently so with magnifying glass in hand she dove in and uncovered all the shells. I found a really great deal on a bag of shells at Seashell World. We got a starfish, some AMAZING sand dollars, some sea urchins and a big bag of shells all for under $25. I will be able to reuse them in some sensory boxes for later ocean study!

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  1. What a sweet thing to do for your kids. New follower from the IPad2 giveaway over @ Prowling Books In The Lair. Would love a visit and follow back @ Life or Something Like It.


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