Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Big Luau Birthday Bash!!

July is a crazy month for us in the Fuller house! Daddy's birthday is the 3rd, Elleri the 8th, and mine the 17th.  So we figured while Elleri is still little and won't be mortified, we would have a big combined birthday party!! We had so many people show up to our little house I thought the walls would burst! It feels so nice to know we have many great family and friends who love us and support us! Here are a few shots from the day, I ended up getting a bit sidetracked in the end and didn't snap as many as I wanted. Hopefully someone else who was there will send me some!!!

Tiki Lanterns hung from the walls
Sea shell decorations on the tables
The kids drank Hawaiian Punch
Our awesome Tiki Hut cake!!
Erin was our little hostess
We had welcome leis hanging by the door
We had a big tub of bubbles out doors for the kids. Along with a splash pool and sandbox full of seashells!

Sandbox full of sea shells

Happy Birthday!! Our family blows out our candles

Another close up of the cake, it was so cool!
Into the ribbons more than the presents - of course!
Happy First Birthday to my sweet crazy haired little girl!! Can't believe she is already 1, where did the time go??


  1. What fun! Happy Birthday to everyone ;) July/August is a big birthday time for my family...one brother on the 4th, me on the 30th, mom on Aug 2nd, a neice on the 14th my oldest son on Aug 18th and another brother on Aug 27th...if you through in DH's family it really get's crazy, a SIL on the 28th of Aug, a nephew on July 30th, another Nephew somewhere in July (I'd have to check my notes)...and I want to say someone else has a bday too...summers are big bday months in our families! Luckily my other two kids are not summer babies! lol Looks like quite the party! ALOHA!

  2. Yes Jen! Our family is the same! My whole family is in June and July and my husband's is July and August. At least it gives you half the year to save up between birthdays and Christmas!! :)


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