Sunday, August 21, 2011

This is NOT fun!

Perhaps you have noticed us being a little MIA recently. Well, in getting all prepared for our new year of school I guess I have been a little distracted in making lesson plans and getting all our needed supplies together. That coupled with trying to start stocking up inventory for my business which I know will get busy come holiday time. I have been neglecting fun. Fun with myself but more importantly, fun with my kids!! I have found myself giving Erin coloring books and setting her and Elleri at the table to keep them "distracted" while I get ready for the upcoming weeks of class. I keep telling Erin, "Oh look wht Mommy is putting in this box for you to do 3 weeks from now, it will be so FUN!" And she gets all excited and then I put it all away. Well, last week she looked at me while sitting in front of the TV and said, "Mommy, this is NOT fun. I want to play with you". Then I realized what a poor Mommy and teacher I have been being! I have been so consumed with making sure that I get everything right for our first "real" school year that I have been neglecting the things that should be most important. Spending time with my kids and just having fun! So that is what we have been doing. No lessons, no making anyone sit at a table bored. Just whatever fun thing pops into our mind - we do it!! Since we homeschool year round, it is nice to just get a fun break now and then. And it helps to rebuild that trust and bond between the girls and me as well. What have you done lately that is just plain fun??

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