Monday, August 15, 2011

Ruffle Child's Apron

Erin finally outgrew the apron I made for her when she was 2 so it was time to sew up a new one! She of course wanted something girly and pink! I let her pick out the fabric for this apron. If you are curious about measurments, she is almost 4 and is 38inches tall. I made it a bit big for her so that she can grow with it!!

You will need the following fabric:
(1) 14" x 17" piece of  fabric for the back of the apron- Piece A
(5)  5" x 24" pieces of fabric for the ruffles- Piece B
(2)  24" pieces of ribbon for the apron strings- Piece C
(1)  5" x 17" piece of fabric for the band- Piece D

Make a 1/4" hem by folding under 1/4" of the fabric and then folding over again, enclosing all raw edges of piece  "A", iron under 1/4" on all sides and stitch.

"B" Pieces- Hem the same way on the two short sides  and one long side, leaving one 24" side unsewn.    Repeat with all 4 pieces.

Working on the right side of the fabric, using long machine stitches, stitch along the unsewn side at 1/4" and again 1/8" in seam allowance. Pull threads to adjust gathers. Starting on the bottom, pin the top  edge of the ruffle to the  wrong side of the fabric on piece "A" at about 1" up from the bottom.  Adjust gathers to fit across and pin piece down on opposite side. Stitch over the gathers to keep in place.

Sew the next ruffle ("B") to piece "A" about 3" above the top of the previously sewn ruffle, making sure the top ruffles overlaps the bottom ruffle by about an inch.  Repeat with remaining ruffles.

Once the ruffles are sewn on, you should have about 1 1/2" of piece "A" left at the top. Place pieces "C" on both ends of the top of the remaining fabric of "A". Secure in place with pins. Stitch in place just above the top edge of the highest "B" piece. 

Next, take piece "D" and sew a 1/4" hem around all sides. Then take piece "D" and place it over the top of piece "A" making sure it is covering over the ribbon strings "C". Sew into place along sides and bottom securing to apron. 

Wa-lah!! I hope this makes sense! I am not the best seamstress and so I hope everything comes across clearly. If not, just ask! haha. :) 

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