Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday (3)

Erin is obsessed with karate. And not so much in a wanting to take the classes and learn the ancient art as in a classic 80's teen movie kinda way. She runs around the house saying "hi-ya!!" to just about anyone, and anything. Daddy seems to feed the fuel (as most Daddy's do) chasing her around the house, the stores, wherever we may be at the time. Which is fine until they knock over the shop displays and everyone is looking at me like "why do you let your kids run a muck like that" HEY!!! It's him not me!!! I want to shout!

The other day while out on one of our shops Erin came across these sparkle headbands and was just going to die if she didn't have them. I thought, oh goodie, she is finally wanting to be girly! Little did I know that this is what she intended to do with them.....


I did however finally get her to wear it correctly (with a dress no less!) when I told her we were going to go have lunch with Grandma!! Count the little blessings :)

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