Sunday, August 14, 2011

Noodle Names

Since learning how to spell and write her name, Erin has been wanting to write her name everywhere!! (And I mean everywhere, you really gotta watch this kid or your bills, walls, and even clothing will soon bare her name.) Erin also loves art so we decided to have a nice, quiet afternoon noodle name art activity inside the nice, cool, air conditioned house (will the temp EVER go under 100?? Not thinking anytime soon!).  I was pretty impressed that she was able to do this whole art activity all on her own. She got out the bowl, filled it with the noodles, and wrote the letter, glued the letter, and stuck all the noodles on all by her lonesome! I guess she will be 4 in a few months so perhaps I should be giving her credit where credit is due! Once she made all the letters and they dried we hung them by some string over her bed. To which she then announced "See this is MY room, MY name is on it. Which means ALL these toys are MINE - Elleri will have to get her own". Little stinker. Guess who's putting up Elleri's name in there tomorrow?? This mom!!

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