Friday, June 17, 2011

Compiling Our Curriculum

So as I have been browsing website after website for what sort of curriculum we want to use this fall, I have now at least decided that we are going to start out with the Unit Study approach. I think it will be the best way for my two little girls (soon to be 1 and 4) to be able to share in the lessons together and learn on whatever level they are capable. Once they get older I will no doubt switch to some sort of mixture of methods but we will cross that road (or perhaps climb that mountain!) when we get there.

Over the summer we have been having more relaxed "mini" lessons to get Erin into the swing of things. We have decided to incorporate the Letter of the Week from the Confessions of a Homeschooler blog into our weekly curriculum. You should check it out if you have little ones and are not too sure where to begin. It is a great tool to follow when just learning what and how you want to teach.  We are studying the K4 lessons so that Erin will be ready for Kinder in the fall.

Yesterday we went to Sea World like most summer days but we studied the fish and the dolphins for our art project. We made little clay figurines and will be painting them next week once they set.

We love Crayola

I will posted updated pictures once they dry. Who knew the kiddies were so creative! (ok, maybe I helped a little :) )

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  1. Love the clay figurines! You can easily use a Montessori approach with your unit studies by putting materials on trays or in baskets on low shelves. That way you can include any activities for coordination and practical life (daily living) along with your unit study activities (and any other activities you want to add). And your girls can choose which activities they want to repeat. It sounds like you're off to a great start with your unit studies! Have fun! :)


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