Friday, June 17, 2011

Elleri's First Splash

It would figure that the child who has the ear problems would love the water. We have generally been very careful with Elleri and water since she was born hearing impaired because of fluid build up in her middle ear.  We knew days after she was born that her hearing was minimal but it wasn't until she was 8 months old that we finally got her first ear surgery. After months of wondering if our lives would be full of sign language and audiology appointments at her last ENT appointment her hearing was rated in the "normal" range.  We have to take her to the audiologist every 3 months and they check for fluid in her ears. If the fluid keeps coming back it can still cause hearing problems and language delays. We don't know how much if any language delay she will have from the 8 months of silence but she certainly has no physical delays. She started walking at 10 months and is now non stop.  Today when we went to Sea World we thought we would see if she wanted to splash a little in the water. So we put her ear putty in and placed her down and this is what we got..... you will notice our two girls could not be more opposite!

Having a blast!

Go Ellie Go!!

Soaked to the bone and still determined to squirm out of Daddy's hands to go back for more!

Erin continues to be grumpy and complain about the heat. Shoulda splashed!!

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