Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Homemade Butter!!

When we started trying to eat fresh and make all of our food from scratch, I really thought it would prove to be a mission. But in honesty, it has been a fun and educational experience.  We had so much fun making butter today! And it was easier than I imagined. If you have got some cream, and some arm strength, you too can make your butter from scratch!

Heavy whipping cream
Sealed container (jelly jar or Tupperware works fine) 

  • salt
  • honey
  • vanilla extract
  • cinnamon 

Place whipping cream inside a sealed container.  Generally I have found that you end up with half as much butter as you start with whipping cream.  But a little bit goes a long way!  Then all you have to do is SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!!!  We made 3 different flavors in 4oz jelly jars. Regular salted butter, honey butter, and cinnamon butter. You can use it right away! We stored ours in the refrigerator so we can munch on it for the next few days. These make such cute gifts in the jars. ( I am telling you, I am a jaraholic)

yup, that's all you need

ready to start shaking!!

Daddy and Elleri can shake it!

Mommy can shake it!!

Mikey and Erin can shake it!!


We chose to make 3 flavors: traditional, honey, and cinnamon butter! They all tasted delicious on our corn bread at lunch. And I think my arms got a good work out from it too! :)

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