Friday, July 15, 2011

Rock Study

Who would have known a few rocks could be so entertaining! Well, aside from the people who invented the pet rock of course! I got this kit thinking that the kids might think it was cool for a few minutes and then get bored of it. But they spent over an hour examining the stones to check for density, porosity, and color streak! We found this neat kit at Creative Kids Stuff for only $10 and it includes 15 different rocks/stones, a magnifying glass, a nail (for chipping) and a streak plate (for determining color in powdered form). I think we may have a little budding scientist on our hands!!

What's inside the box

Silly girl, always making every one laugh!

Studying the rocks up close

Getting a closer look

Who knew rocks could be do fun!?!


  1. Thanks for the pointer -- my daughter is a rock fanatic, so I'm sure she'd love it!

  2. Fun, and what a great price, usually those rock kits cost quite a bit! I always wanted a rock tumbler, have you guys tried one of those??

  3. Nope, never tried a rock tumbler. I didn't even think my daughter would be into rocks! I am endlessly surprised by what fascinates her! I got them initially for the 6yr old boy we are watching for the summer. They have a second rock kit on the same site, guess I will have to look into that one too!


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