Thursday, July 14, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday (2)

Somehow this didn;t actually get published yesterday, so here is our fun tid bit for the week! I am hoping to eventually do a link up for this idea - to post something fun you did the last week that maybe has nothing to do with anything else you are blogging about but you just wanted to share!

Elleri turned 1 on July 8th! Daddy was out of town for work and Erin was still with Gran and Poppi in the country riding horses. Although we are planning a big party for Daddy, Mommy, and Elleri on the 16 since all of our birthdays are just two weeks apart, I wanted her to have something fun on her actual birthday. So I went to dinner with my mom and my brother and we took a ridiculous amount of pictures of her eating her first chocolate cupcake! Here are some of the shots!

The cupcake

The baby

The Baby sees the cupcake and is really not sure what to think.

What is this thing.......Well, it seems safe......

I think I will try a bite....

Yes, yes, I think this could be a good thing!!

Frosting, now that I have met you, we shall never part ways!

We had so much fun! The jury is still out on whether she like the chocolate. Big sister is not a fan and Elleri seemed to prefer the vanilla pieces in the marbled cake. I guess only time will tell if she is to become a sweets lover like her mama or a veggie lover like Daddy and Erin!! Either way, she is just so stinking cute and I am so blessed to get to love her to pieces very day! HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY ELLERI ANISE!!!

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